Spokescouncil Meeting – Saturday, January 7

Please join us on Saturday, January 7 at 3 pm for our first Spokescouncil meeting.

This meeting will be an opportunity for Neighborhood Action Groups from all over Seattle (and outside the city!) to connect, share, and cross-pollinate.

We will also be voting on proposals regarding NAC organizing structure, and hosting short trainings on direct action, community outreach and organizing, and the political goals, strategy, and vision of the NAC.

If you’re a member of a Neighborhood Action Council (read: if you’ve attended a NAC meeting), please join us at the Spokescouncil. Join the event on Facebook here.

If you haven’t attended a meeting yet, you would be better served by connecting with your local group, which you can find here. However, all are welcome to attend the Spokescouncil meeting.

The location is TBD – please join the event on Facebook to stay updated!

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