Embrace Our Neighbors: Pray In & Speak Out Against Islamophobia

On March 16th the Trump administration has intended to implement another Islamophobic travel ban by Executive Order. This travel ban dubbed the Muslim Ban 2.0 would have banned people from 6 different Muslim-majority countries. Fortunately a judge in Hawaii has issued a restraining order to temporarly stop the ban due to the legal challenges against it.

Unfortunately the effects of the Executive Order still reverberates through the country, with the clear message of Islamophobia that was baked into the ban. This Executive Order was designed to ligitimize Islamophobia, and send a message of hate to the Muslim community.

We of the Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coaliation and the Muslim Association of the Puget Sound have come held a joint event to show that we will not be swayed by this hate. We have come together both our Muslim and non Muslim neighbors to show our unity, solidarity and most of all our love for each other in our Pray In and Speak Out event.

The event was ended with an evening prayer lead by our Muslim neighbors and our non Muslim neighbors he standing around them holding hands in solidarity to send a clear message that we are united together on our shared American values, and love conquers hate



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