Womxn Act on Seattle: Why Direct Action Workshop

Hosted by Neighborhood Action Coalition – Communities of Resistance and  Seattle Womxn Marching Forward

January 21, 2 PM – 4 PM
Phinney Neighborhood Association
6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98103

Do you want to do something about our wild world but don’t know where to start? Do you have friends you want to introduce to direct action in a safe and fun environment?

This workshop to give an overview of direct action, why it’s necessary, and how to engage in it. Direct action is the strategic use of immediately effective acts to achieve a social or political end and challenge an unjust power dynamic.

In this workshop you will learn different ways you can be involved that match your comfort level, how to strategize for when and how direct action can be used, practical skills for engaging in actions, a legal perspective, and where you can get additional training and start to plug in to current movements. We will even role-play a direct action scenario to be more prepared to engage in the future.

Disclaimer: nonviolent direct actions trainings are often multiple days long and are in conjunction with actual actions. This workshop is meant as an introduction to the concepts, not as a comprehensive training.

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about direct action. There is no age restriction, though young children might find it less engaging. There will be programming for children available during the training.

Presented by Kara Sweidel, Jennifer Durham, Amanda Qu, Shana McCann of the Neighborhood Action Coalition

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