“What can we do?”

Grow Resist Act Support Protect

In an America with Donald Trump as President and new catastrophes in the news every day we are hearing people in our neighborhoods and families urgently ask this question. We know there are many answers. As social justice organizers, we wrote this pledge to offer five ways to get started with resources.



I commit to my own growth in developing my understanding of systems of oppression and I pledge to help others grow by having conversations with 5 other people in my life about what concerns and motivates them in this time.

Conversation Resources

Here’s a guide to talking about the election in your family if you’re a person from a wealthy family. This resource focuses on organizing your family members to make donations.

Here is a guide to talking about privilege and a resource for white people to move towards active allyship to people of color.

Here is a list of articles about the history of racism in the US to read and share.


I pledge to take meaningful risks because it will take out-of-the-ordinary action to rise to the historic challenge of our times.

What does this mean?

This may mean resisting the temptation to blame others as we learn new ways to work together.

This may mean risking the vulnerability of deeper and more honest relationships and conversations.

This may mean risking my comfort as I act and give in new ways.

This may mean standing with indigenous leaders and divesting your community from fossil fuel infrastructure-funding banks.

This may mean becoming pen pals to a person at the NW Detention Center.

This may mean becoming pen pals with an LGBTQ person in prison with Black and Pink.


I pledge to take action with others in my neighborhood, workplace, family, faith community, etc.

This May Include

Meeting with my neighbors: Neighborhood Action Coalition is connecting neighbors in Seattle.

Helping people navigate access to social services before they are are cut (This resource guide created post election is very comprehensive, from identification services related to gender and immigration status to reproductive health tips.).

Attending a meaningful protest or direct action together.

Supporting the Sanctuary movement by passing a city ordinance for police to not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), broader city protection legislation, or working for a Sanctuary Campus or for public School Resolution to Protect Undocumented Students.

Planning a Salsa ShutDown with Cosecha in solidarity with immigrant communities.
Planning your own action, try out some of these 10 action ideas. Here’s a list of tried and true tactics.

Assembling a list of resources in our community (for example, spare bedrooms or a spare car or computer that could be lent or donated to a community group. You could send around a Google Form to collect this information so your community can mobilize resources when needed).

Joining others in mass action! A few other important pledges gathering a strong community response are 350 Seattle’s Pledge of Resistance to act on climate change through civil disobedience and a Pledge of Resistance to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump put out by the Movement for the 99%.


I pledge to give generously of my resources — my time, talents and/or money to support the leadership of communities most targeted by oppressive policies and violent actions.

Where can you give?

Here’s a starting list of organizations that support targeted communities. You probably have groups you already support. Keep it up and stretch yourself to give in a new way or at a new level.


I pledge to intervene in instances of oppression to protect others and demonstrate love and justice in my daily life

What does this mean?

In the instance of a racist attack, here is one video with simple instructions on how to react.

In the instance of Islamophobia, here’s one approach.

If you feel at risk or in the instance of a hate crime, the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center are resources.

In an instance of bullying or harassment in schools, here’s a guide for educators and parents. Here are some recommendations for schools to protect undocumented students.

In an instance of street harassment or sexual assault.

Here are ideas for systemic intervention in the culture of violence.

Here is one story of community solidarity with Muslim students praying.

Know of another resource we should ad to this pledge or share? Send it to us with this google form.