Each group was asked to vote on three priority actions they wanted to focus on. One of the Capitol Hill NAC group identified these priorities: creating a support network for undocumented immigrants; creating a calendar of events and ongoing actions, as well as creating a spreadsheet of available resources; and conducting call-ins to politicians and other groups to relay opinions about various issues.

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As soon as the results were in on election night, Seattle-based activist Kaya Axelsson and several fellow organizers knew they had to do something — fast. While the idea of community-based activism driven by Neighborhood Action Councils (NACs) was a concept Axelsson and her colleagues were familiar with, November 8, 2016 “is the first time we said it out loud to each other,” she says. To prepare for a Trump administration, the feeling was extremely clear: “We need to do this.”

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This is the second event for the coalition that came together ad-hoc, the night of Trump’s election. At the first event, the Community Response Forum on November 13, over 750 people showed up, spilling into a local bar and park, to discuss fears about the election. This event is about moving those fears into action.

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Sunday afternoon, people gathered in Cal Anderson to show their opposition to the election of Donald Trump. Some made signs, many sang, some ended up marching downtown. Many sought to do something more, joining hundreds of people inside the old Value Village on 11th Ave destined for redevelopment but currently serving as the V2 community and arts space.

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Ramirez held a sign during Sunday’s rally that stated: Lesbian √ Mexican √ Human Being √. She said she’s concerned the president-elect will have a negative impact on LGBT rights and also immigration. Trump recently vowed to deport or imprison as many as three million undocumented immigrants upon taking office.

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